• Rabbi Moshe Pinto Speaker Rabbi Moshe Pinto is the descendent of the Pinto and Abuchatzira families who follow in the footsteps of Rabbi Chaim Pinto and Rabbi Yaacov Abuchatzira which served the Moroccan community for thousands of years.
  • Ellie Bass Speaker
    Session TitleListening, Tracking and Shaping - How Movement Informs Our Relationships
    Ellie Bass is passionately pursuing ways to use her training, gifts and experiences to help others create a life that focuses on growth and healing. She is a Jewish educator, a certified personal and wellness coach as well as a meditation teacher and practitioner for over 20 years.
  • Alter Deitsch Speaker
    Session TitleOne step in front of the other
    Alter Deitsch is currently involved in two projects: Sababa Music Festival, and TorahVR. Sababa gathers Jews together for bridge building between communities and relationships that last forever. ToraVR is working to digitize the Torah.
  • The Jerusalem Scribe – Kalman Gavriel Delmoor Speaker
    Session TitleAlef Bet
  • Alexa Eden Speaker
    Session TitleBlue is the New You
    Alexa Eden works with Jewish individuals, and organizations to help, heal, and develop their soul self. I focus primarily on the relationship we, and our youth, have with technology, and establish clear, sacred and motivating boundaries to support our ultimate evolution.
  • Eli Deutsch Speaker
    Session TitleGETTING TO JOY IN 2022
    Rabbi Eli Deutsch is an acclaimed speaker and author who inspires and motivates Jews of all backgrounds to take a fresh look at life by presenting thought provoking ideas in a manner that is inspirational and user friendly. With a plethora of parallels and explanatory precision, Rabbi Eli masterfully articulates abstract concepts into practical transformative teachings, communicating the deeper side of Judaism in a way that resonates with the well-read student as well as the newcomer.
  • Erez Safar Speaker
    Session TitleThe Poetry of Kabbalah
    Light of Infinite founder and writer, Erez Safar is an LA-based creative machine and gallerist producing video, music and art that pops in a world where popular styles have been left in a state of static.
  • Shlomo Godsi Speaker
    Session TitleParasha Vayishlach - the real story of Dina
    Lived in London most of my life - degrees in Mechanical Engineering and MBA from Lindon Business school with exchanges to Sanford and Berkley universities -
  • Teli Esther Michaan Speaker
    Session TitleThe Gift of The Pain in Our Lives Session
    Teli Esther’s journey is one of an endless search for truth. Her life has been full of adventure and the unveiling of many miracles. Originally from Mexico City, she travelled the world on a backpack, exploring Southeast Asia, Africa and South America through their faiths and cultures, and discovered that the light of God shines where one lets it in.
  • Shira Jacobson Speaker
    Session TitleHoly Tech
    Shira Jacobson empowers thousands of people from around the world to use social media to make money and to fill the world with more holiness.
  • Cedars of Lebanon Musician A singer/songwriter born in Los Angeles. Began his journey writing music inspired by his journey into studies of hassidic and mystical teachings, influenced by his folk rock background in music practice. As he bridges these two worlds. The result is a unique blend of songs that you can vibe to on a sunny day while simultaneously feeling the deeper, more meaningful lyrics. Where Brooklyn streets meet middle eastern flair. Cedars of Lebanon will be hosting a series of Jewish classics and originals.
  • Rebbetzin Bat-Chen Grossman Speaker
    Session TitleMarriage & Business in Harmony
    Rebbetzin Bat-Chen Grossman created a unique breakthrough method called The CALM Method, and the systems to implement it that completely integrates God into every aspect of your life to totally transform your marriage into the marriage you always wanted, one that is loving, fulfilling, where you feel aligned and connected.
  • Jonah Simcha Chaim Muskat-Brown Speaker
    Session TitleChanukah: Discovering Our Own Unique Light
    Jonah Simcha Chaim Muskat-Brown is an educator, social worker, and freelance author from Toronto, Canada. He draws inspiration from the vast sea of Chassidic wisdom and the many works of psychology and human development....
  • Michael Dear Speaker
    Session TitleChoose Your Own Adventure: Empowering Your Life’s Decisions
    Michael Dear is a Therapist, Coach, and Speaker living in the Philadelphia area with his wife and 4 kids (although at times it feels like more). Michael culls from his therapeutic education and background, coaching training, as well as...
  • Marina Zilbergerts Speaker
    Session TitleThe Ecstasy of Making: Poetic Reflections on Human and Divine Creativity
    Marina Zilbergerts is a scholar of Jewish literature and thought. She is the author of The Yeshiva and the Rise of Modern Hebrew Literature (Indiana University Press). From 2016-2022, she was the Lipton Assistant Professor of Eastern European Jewish Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
  • Yonatan Gordon Speaker
    Session TitleGaming Reality - Teaching the Fun and Excitement of Judaism
    Yonatan Gordon is a contributing editor for Gal Einai Institute and writer of Frames of Mind, written with Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh.
  • Moshe Fhima Speaker
    Session TitleAttaching to the Tzadik
  • Jordana Baruchov Speaker
    Session TitleWhat’s Blocking Our Light?
    Jordana Baruchov or better known as @Drinkitin_Jordana is a Middle school dean by morning... Associate Director of Mentorship for Olami by afternoon and Torah Influencer, motivational speaker ,podcaster, Mother and Grandmother by night.
  • Yermi Kurkus Speaker
    Session TitleAchieving The Impossible
    Yermi Kurkus is a Business Executive Consultant who partners with business individuals and businesses to connect them with other Exceptional people and businesses. Yermi has a MA degree in Industrial and Organizational (I/O) Psychology and is now currently working toward his doctorate in that field.
  • Kayla Rosen Speaker
    Session TitleServing God Selflessly: Where Do I Fit In?
    Kayla Rosen is a passionate teacher and group facilitator of embodied Torah. She brings a holistic & therapeutic approach when teaching, and believes that Jewish spirituality creates a framework for our own personal healing.
  • Chaya Glaser Chaya Glaser is a certified sound healing and meditation practitioner, musician, writer, and music educator. Informed by her Orff Schulwerk training, she has over 15 years of music education experience, exploring music as a universal language, beginning with the rhythm of our heartbeat.
  • Dalia Brunschwig Speaker
    Session TitleConnecting Torah to Health in today's generation
    Dalia Dalia Brunschwig is a Certified Nutrition Health Coach, helping Jewish women lose weight and have a healthier lifestyle with sustainable results taking into consideration the Jewish beautiful traditions and our busy lives.
  • Yitzchok Mayer Malek Speaker
    Session TitleGetting What You Want
    “If you want true peace, it begins with ourselves, our families, our friends, our nation, and then worldwide.” With this visionary statement, New York-born singer-songwriter Mayer Malik reveals his mission to heal the world through music.
  • Lauren Miryam Rochel Mades Speaker
    Session TitleHow To Let G-d Back In: The Work of Rest
    Transcending the duality of the human and the being, remembering the oneness, and what a gift it is to be here now. I am just here to remind you of who you already are.
  • Erez Safar Speaker
    Session TitleThe Poetry of Kabbalah
    Light of Infinite founder and writer, Erez Safar is an LA-based creative machine and gallerist producing video, music and art that pops in a world where popular styles have been left in a state of static.
  • Erran Baron Cohen Speaker
    Session TitleIn Conversation with Mendel Kalmenson
    Erran Baron Cohen is an award winning composer whose work has encompassed a wide variety of projects including film and television scores, album releases, orchestral commissions and musical theatre.
  • Rohan Marley Speaker Founder of Marley Coffee and son of legendary musician and visionary Bob Marley, Rohan was born in Jamaica in 1972 and moved to the US twelve years later. He went on to study sociology at the University of Miami, and built a name for himself on the football field, starring as a linebacker for the Hurricanes.
  • Rabbi Harry Rozenberg Speaker Rabbi Harry Rozenberg is the founder of Partners in Israel and is a direct descendant of one of the greatest Jewish sages of the last 2000 years. (The Vilna Gaon) As a teenager, Harry had a vivid vision about returning to Israel and owning a piece of the Holy Land. Harry's journey was met with numerous mystical miracles including partnerships with tribal leaders from Afghanistan and Ethiopia.
  • Moshav Musician Internationally acclaimed American/Israeli rock group Moshav began when childhood friends Yehuda (vocals, percussion) and Duvid (vocals, guitar) made music together on Moshav Mevo Modiin in Israel. The group was initially discovered by a group of American students traveling in Israel who heard the band play and raised money to bring them to the states for a college tour in the late 1990s. Soon after, Moshav relocated to Los Angeles where they continued to grow their fan base and began recording with some of the industry’s best.
  • Nili Salem Speaker
    Session TitleHow to ACTUALLY Stop Judging People
    Nili Salem, MA Non Profit Management & Philanthropy Studies, CNT, is an ever-smiling, shofar-blowing, psychotherapist & lover of Torah!
  • Gedale Fenster Speaker Gedale Fenster, a Miami-based entrepreneur and motivational speaker, is the founder and CEO of the People’s Insurance Claim Center and Evolutions Treatment Center. He has also established the Breslov Center, where he teaches. He hosts a series of  daily and weekly online lectures.
  • Shlomo Katz Musician, Speaker Rav Shlomo Katz is a Jewish singer, Rabbi, author, and teacher based in Israel. "Singing, teaching, learning and experiencing with so many across the globe has been the ultimate goal, gift, and privilege."
  • Joey Rosenfeld Speaker
    Session TitleProgress is Perfection
    Rabbi Joey Rosenfeld, LCSW is a practicing psychotherapist in the addiction field focusing on the interface between philosophy, spirituality, and psychology.
  • Devorah Sisso Speaker
    Session TitleBaal Shemtov's work on Mirrors called Ein Habdolach - crystal eye.
    Devorah Sisso is an internationally acclaimed Torah educator, Motivational Speaker & Life-coach. Creator of the Breakthrough series. Born in Israel and raised in the United States, she has a gift for connecting with Jews from all walks of life.
  • Mendel Kalmenson Speaker Mendel is the author of several popular Jewish-themed books including Seeds of Wisdom, A Time to Heal and Positivity Bias, which is now available as a course of study from the Jewish Learning Institute.
  • Chaim Kramer Speaker
    Session TitleSefirah and Shavuos; culminating in Freedom!
    Chaim Kramer is largely responsible for introducing Rebbe Nachman’s teachings to today’s generation. He is a sought-after lecturer on Rebbe Nachman’s teachings by English-speaking congregations around the world. Chaim has been the director of the Breslov Research Institute since its inception in 1979.
  • Yehudis Golshevsky Speaker
    Session TitleSoul music—rebbe nachmans words on spiritual music-making every single day
    Rebbetzin Golshevsky is the director of SHIVITI. She holds primary and secondary teaching certification from Yavne Teacher’s College in Cleveland, as well as a BA from SUNY Buffalo in Classics-Judaic Studies.
  • Saul Blinkoff Speaker
    Session TitleLiving a Life of Awesome!
    Saul Blinkoff is a Hollywood filmmaker who has worked for many high profile clients including; DISNEY, DREAMWORKS, NETFLIX and AMAZON.
  • Zevi Slavin – Seekers of Unity Speaker
    Session TitleMysticism for the Modern World
    Zevi Slavin is the creator of Seekers of Unity, an educational project and community dedicated to a collaborative, comparative, interdisciplinary exploration of mysticism. Exploring the unity of the world’s mystical traditions and the intersection of philosophy and mysticism, east and west, ancient and contemporary. 
  • Sheva Chaya, the glassblower of Tzfat Speaker
    Session TitleIgniting Holy Creativity
    Renowned glass blower and painter Sheva Chaya enlivens her beautiful and popular gallery in Tzfat’s Artist Quarter, where she shares her story, artistic process, and unique insights with thousands of visitors from around the world each year.
  • David Sacks Speaker
    Session TitleBreaking Code: Uncovering The Secret Wisdom in The Wildest Stories in Ancient Jewish Texts
    Born and raised in New York City, David Sacks started his comedy writing career in college as an editor of the Harvard Lampoon. He went on to write for “The Simpsons” for which he won an Emmy Award, “Third Rock from the Sun” for which he won a Golden Globe award, “Malcolm in the Middle”, the live action “Tick.”
  • Benji Elson Speaker
    Session TitleShavuot: Becoming Representatives of the Divine
    Benji Elson, LMSW, is a clinical psychotherapist, teacher of Torah, Jewish environmental-educator, transformational experience-facilitator, musician, and author living in Jerusalem, Israel. Benji has taught and led transformative experiences around the world including in the US, Israel, Mexico, Canada, Turkey, and India.
  • Yitzhak Attias Musician Yitzhak Attias is a percussionist and songwriter originally from Gibraltar, a British colony in the south of Spain. His music has African, Latin, Sefardic and Flamenco influences and draws inspiration from a Torah-based spiritual path. Yitzhak lives with his wife and children in Jerusalem, Israel, where he works as a session musician and facilitates music and percussion workshops.
  • Orly Wahba Speaker
    Session TitleTehillim: A Dialogue with Hashem
    Orly Wahba is the founder of the global non-profit, Life Vest Inside, a kindness expert, educator, best selling author, social entrepreneur and keynote speaker.
  • Yonasan Perry Speaker
    Session TitleAs One Person with One Heart
    Yonasan Perry is a Los Angeles based Rabbi of the Chabad-Lubavitch movement.
  • Esther Freeman Musician Esther Freeman is an accomplished performer who brings incredible energy, a beautiful voice, powerful stage presence, creative song-writing and true meaning to the stage.
  • Shlomo Buxbaum Speaker
    Session TitleThe Four Elements: Discovering Your Inner World and Unique Purpose
    Rabbi Shlomo Buxbaum is a Rabbi, author, and director of The LEV Experience, a Jewish outreach initiative in the Greater Washington DC area. He has lectured for organizations throughout the U.S. and is the host of the "Empowered Jewish Living Podcast".
  • Yaakov Lehman Speaker
    Session TitleSurfing the Waves of Innovation - A Kabbalistic Approach to Creativity, Chaos, and the Advancement of Human Civilization
    Yaakov Lehman is an Israel-based entrepreneur and educator.
  • L’Chaim OG L'Chaim OG a.k.a. Zechariah Yishai Dovid Oluwabankole Levine was born and raised in north Minneapolis Minnesota. Though retinoblastoma cancer would cause him to lose his right eye, he was fortunate to not undergone chemotherapy or radiation.
  • Yarin Wetsman Levenson Speaker
    Session TitleWho run the world?
    Yarin is a multi-disciplinary startup strategist, designer and educator. When she isn’t accelerating founders in the local and global tech scene, Yarin guides women on embodied Torah movement and dance journeys based on teachings of The Divine Feminine.
  • Kosha Dillz Musician Independent workhorse and lyricist Kosha Dillz has found a way to entertain the entire world for the past 5 years of his life. Having toured the entire world with everyone from Matisyahu to Rza of the Wu Tang Clan and more.
  • Accidental Talmudist Speaker
    Session TitleTwo Dramatic Rebbe Tales: The Fishy Encounter of Reb Boruch & The Berditchever Rebbe, and The  Savraner Rebbe’s War Against Reb Nosson of Breslov
    Salvador Litvak is a Hollywood film director who became the Accidental Talmudist after an unexpected miracle launched him into seven years of daily Talmud study. Sal’s Accidental Talmudist blog, podcast and live shows reach over a million followers in 70 countries.
  • Reb Leibish Speaker
    Session TitleBelieving in Yourself
    Reb Leibish led McGill University’s “Ghetto Shul” for 11 years, well-known and remembered as one of the most vibrant and impactful college shuls during his time there. He is now the Rosh Yeshiva of Simchat Shlomo.
  • Yocheved Sidof Speaker
    Session TitleEmbodied Mysticism: How to feel what you know and heal yourself
    Bridge-builder. Community-activist. Dreamer-and-doer. Yocheved Sidof has been enamored with the question “what makes people tick?” since her eleven-year-old self discovered a Psychology textbook in her grandparents home.
  • Rabbi Yom Tov Glaser Speaker
    Session TitleThe Illusion of Time
    Rabbi Yom Tov Glaser is not your typical rabbi!  The son of a successful sportswear manufacturer, Rabbi Yom Tov was raised in the foothills of Hollywood, California. 
  • Chana Mason Speaker
    Session TitleSlay Your Dragons - Harness the Dark Side to Create More Light
    You’re coming face to screen with a woman who's dived into engineering, public speaking, education, theatrical directing, non-profit management, management consulting, e-commerce, graphic design, music, internet startups, and homemaking – to name a few. Find that dizzying? Welcome to the club!
  • Rabbi Shalom Lebowitz Speaker
    Session TitleJammin to Redemption!
    As a musician, rabbi, and entrepreneur Rabbi Shalom is passionate about our creative potential. Drawing upon the wisdom of the chassidic master, he weaves song, story, and soul into a masterful tapestry of expression.
  • Chen Malchut Speaker
    Session TitlePraying with our Whole Being
    Chen’s mission is to live in a place of center, presence and connection and to inspire others to the same. Her teachings are embodied and holistic, connecting the dimensions of spirit, mind, heart, body and soul.
  • Rabbi Bryan Chustckie Speaker
    Session TitleBecome instantaneously aware of your energy state and transform yourself (should you desire to).
    Rabbi Bryan Chustckie is the Energy Rabbi, or Rabbi from the future, who has completed both his Rabbinic Ordination at Yeshiva University and completed Epienergetics Alcheme Mentorship training and practice, under the tutelage of the founder of Network Spinal Chiropractics, Dr. Donny Epstein.
  • Michael Benmeleh Speaker
    Session TitleThe Battle of our Generation - A guide to Fighting the War of Shemirat Habrit (Guarding the Covenant)
    Michael Benmeleh is director of the Lighthouse Project and Breslov Light, spiritual torah influencer, and lecturer on all things that put a fire in your heart to serve Hashem.
  • Rina Perkel Speaker
    Session TitleWomen and Geulah: The Feminine Rising in the time of Mashiach
    Rina Perkel is a Jewish educator and speaker who focuses on the mystical teachings of Judaism and how they can be relevant and applied to living your best life in the modern world.
  • Dr. Benjy Epstein Speaker
    Session TitleLove Yourself: A meditation on Radical Compassion for trying times
    Rabbi Benjamin Epstein, Ph.D. is an experienced psychologist, author, and speaker who blends traditional Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) with cognitive behavioral, spiritual, and acceptance techniques. 
  • Ayelet Polonsky AKA “The Manifestation Mentor” Speaker
    Session TitleFrom India to Israel: a Story That Will Change YOUR Life and Get You Manifesting ASAP
    Ayelet Polonsky, aka "The Manifestation Mentor" is an adventure loving, green living, healthy dessert fanatic & yogi... who helps people turn their "thoughts into things!"
  • Rabbi Dov Ber Cohen Speaker
    Session TitleShould I or Shouldn't I? The Torah of Ayahuasca
    Former dance music DJ, Buddhist monk, extreme martial artist, jazz pianist. Now just focused on always trying to do the right thing, consciously and joyfully. Bezrat Hashem.
  • Erez Safar Based out of the stereophonic heart of Los Angeles, Erez Safar, award winning producer, is an LA-based creative machine and gallerist producing video, music and art that pops in a world where popular styles have been left in a state of static.
  • Jenna Zadaka Speaker
    Session TitleKabbalah Meditation
    Jenna Zadaka, founder of Breath & Soul Yoga, Neshima Collective, and Radiant Emanations, infuses Jewish mystical wisdom, yoga and mindfulness into potent rejuvenating practices. Jenna runs both the Jewish Yoga Course , a year long yoga journey through the Hebrew Calendar, and a 7-week virtual embodied Sefirot course. 
  • Saul Kaye Speaker
    Session TitleCan Conscious Psychedlics use be a Tikun for the sin of Adam Harishon eating the forbidden fruit.
    Saul is a pharmacist,speaker, influencer and serial entrepreneur. Through his work in the Israeli Knesset and global forums for cannabis policy Saul has positively influenced change in cannabis reform internationally.
  • Pashut Jabatinsky Speaker
    Session TitlePardes and Mental Health
    Shmuel Zacharias Menachem Mendel Maxx “Pashut Jabotinsky” HaCohen Herenstein is a New York born Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshivas Geulas Shaul, rapper and an artist currently dwelling in the holy city of Jerusalem. Baka/ Geulim, specifically.
  • Yocheved Godsi Speaker
    Session TitleHealing & Transformation; Mystical insights on what's different in these times
    Yocheved has been a Psychotherapist, LMHC & Spiritual Healer for over 15 years, assisting clients with transforming emotional blocks so that they can experience the magic and freedom of their authentic divine selves.
  • Yehuda Hakohen Speaker
    Session TitleExpressing Ourselves in History
    Rav Yehuda HaKohen is a West Bank Jewish organizer and educator. As a leader in the Vision movement, he works to empower students to become thought leaders and active participants in the current chapter of Jewish history.
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