Yonasan Perry

Yonasan Perry

Session TitleAs One Person with One Heart

Yonasan Perry is a Los Angeles based Rabbi of the Chabad-Lubavitch movement. Born in Tucson, AZ to an Ashkenazi mother and a non-Jewish African-American father, Yonasan was raised in a secular family with little interaction with the Jewish community. At the age of 19, he accepted a life of Torah observance after being introduced to the Chabad-Lubavitch movement. Yonasan spent the next several years in the Lubavitch yeshiva in Morristown, NJ. He went on to receive Smicha (Rabbinical ordination) from Rav Nachman Wilhelm and Rav Dovid Shochat. He and his wife have written several articles pertaining to race from the perspective of Jewish philosophy. Yonasan is a co-founder of Kamochah, an organization formed to support Black Orthodox Jews, and engage with the broader Orthodox community.

Session Info: As One Person with One Heart


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