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This event will take place in LA, check back for full details!

New Date – Baseless Love (Erez Safar & Moshe Fhima) @ Nessah

Nessah Sygogue 142 Rexford Dr, Beverly Hills, CA

Moshe Fhima and Erez Safar will dive into the unconditianal love in the teachings of the Chassidic Master, Rebbe Nachman of Breslov. This event is free with RSVP and will take place at Nessah Synagogue 142 S Rexford Dr, Beverly Hills To RSVP simply send your full name and contact details to  * This event is in celebration of Erez Safar's 4th book in the Light of the Infinite series, Transformation in the Desert of Darkness. Click here for your copy!


A Once In a Lifetime event with Chaim Kramer, Rav Elchonon Tauber & Erez Safar

180 Years since the dawn of the first volume (1843-2023) and now we present Likutey Halachot "The Gan Eden Itself" with a one night only in Los Angeles with Chaim Kramer, Rav Elchonon Tauber, Erez Safar and Yehuda Solomon of Moshav. BRI is honored to invite you in person to a unique gala where they will launch the translation and publication of the English Likutey Halachot, Reb Noson's teaching based on the Likutey Moharan, exactly 180 years since the dawn of the first volume in Hebrew. FREE REGISTRATION @

Light of Infinite Festival #6

The Light of Infinite Festival is a first of its kind live-stream festival featuring authors, speakers, healers, musicians and some of the most innovative minds in spiritual self-growth and healing. The Festival boasts two interactive rooms on an exclusive virtual platform allowing festival goers to jump from room to room attending live talks, sessions, and musical performances. The last three festivals took place in May, September, November, and February, and were a huge success, with over 40,000 spiritual and self-growth seekers tuning in to the variety of sessions. Produced by Erez Safar, who acts as Your Spiritual DJ, and whose first live-stream festival, Lo-Freq Fest, was featured in Billboard, and whose Don’t Block Your Blessings festivals featured over 100+ world-wide presenters with 45,000+ attendees/ viewers. The goal of the Light of Infinite Festival is to foster creative and collaborative bridge-building …

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Israel Tour!

Check back for details on a slew of different types of events in Israel surrounding my Light of the Infinite book series!

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