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The Light of Infinite Festival is a first of its kind live-stream festival featuring authors, speakers, healers, musicians and some of the most innovative minds in spiritual self-growth and healing. The Festival boasts two interactive rooms on an exclusive virtual platform allowing festival goers to jump from room to room attending live talks, sessions, and musical performances.

The last festival took place in May and was a huge success, with over 12,000 spiritual and self-growth seekers tuning in to the variety of sessions. Produced by Erez Safar, who acts as Your Spiritual DJ, and whose first live-stream festival, Lo-Freq Fest, was featured in Billboard, and whose Don’t Block Your Blessings festivals featured over 100+ world-wide presenters with 45,000+ attendees/ viewers.

The dream line-up of epic souls includes Akiva Tatz, Ari Lesser, Chaya Lester, Eliyahu Pereira (Two Chassid’s in a Pod), Moish Feiglin, Akiva Gersh, Moshe Gersht, Shaindel Deutsch, Rabbi Peretz, Erez Safar, Adam Weinberg, Eli Goldsmith, Raquel Kirszenbaum, Barak Hullman, Ariel & Sarah Perets, Nellie Hayat, Rephael Perkel, Ricki Silber, Judah Fire, Eitan & Shira Ben Avraham, Gabriella Bodner, Eliyahu Beda, Yoseph Leib, Rabbi Josh Zebberman, Natanel Dukan, Elizabeth Bast & Chor Boogie, Rav Aaron Leibowitz, Charles Goldberg, Grace Friedman, Malkah Geller, Rabbi Shmuel Reichman, Yehezkel Yosef Abulafia, & many more!

The goal of the Light of Infinite Festival is to foster creative and collaborative bridge-building while presenting thought leaders through light and love to a world in need of healing.

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