Tamar Field-Gersh

Tamar Field-Gersh

Session TitleThe Most Selfless Thing You Can Do is Choose to Celebrate YOU.
Professionally, Tamar is an MSW and certified Life Coach who is ALL in when it comes to helping any visionary, leader, creative or healer who wholeheartedly wants to stop tiptoeing around in their business and their lives and create a legacy that they are damn proud of. 

Before life-coaching, Tamar was a practicing doula and director of a traveling summer teen program ran through the 92nd St. Y in NYC.

Tamar LIVES for early morning solo time at the sea, hikes and travel adventures with her family, dolphin watching, eating her own homemade pickles, jamming out her day with a well-organized schedule in hand, killer coaching sessions and a fantastic dance party with exactly the right tunes.

Tamar makes sure to surround herself with a community and tribe that helps each other rise up, hold one another as they feel scared AND support each other as they do it anyway and enjoy every second as they bring down their sparkle into the world.

Session Title: The Most Selfless Thing You Can Do is Choose to Celebrate YOU.
Living in a world that frowns upon celebrating ourselves and our own accomplishments, we are going to dive deep down into learning why NOT recognizing and honoring one’s talents, accomplishments and amazingness is the most selfish thing one can do.

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