Ariel Perets

Ariel Perets

Session TitleThe Gamechanger For Having Your best Year Ever

Born in Israel and raised in the USA, Ariel Perets took various paths in life as a Wharton Business School graduate, Wall street investment banker, film producer, and finally settled on becoming a serial entrepreneur in the beauty industry.  But this journey to the “American Dream” proved hollow until he found Hashem and three simple words of the ultimate truth: Ein Od Milvado.  Living in Los Angeles with his wife and children, Perets tries to do his part in bringing us closer to the final redemption through giving Torah and Chassidus classes around town, having a roving Shabbat minyan, organizing events with inspiring speakers and musicians, and then some.  More than anything, Perets loves meeting and connecting with Jewish souls of all walks of life.


Topic Name:  The Gamechanger For Having Your best Year Ever
Summary:  With 7 days to Rosh Hashana, we will discuss the most phenomenal and practical tool for attaining the closest relationship with G-d in 7 days – no matter what your spiritual background might be.  Let’s get to work!

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