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King David, writes in Tehillim, “For You [God] do not desire sacrifices; else I would give it: You do not delight in burnt offering. The sacrifice of God is a broken spirit. A broken and contrite heart, O God, You will not despise.”

In the Talmud it teaches, “Words that emanate from the heart – enter the heart.” Take what might feel like a broken heart and turn it into Divine alignment.

Song is at the center of all our rituals, and singing is the unifying element of communal prayer. King David used a harp to compose the Psalms (Tehillim). The Talmud teaches that the harp hung above David’s bed, and at midnight a northern ruach (wind) would blow on the five strings, raising him from his sleep to study Torah until day break. The Zohar teaches that the five strings parallel the five books of Torah and are the instruments with which he composed much of Tehillim.

These 10 Tehillim and the words and meaning behind them have the power to elevate and transcend the elements within that feel broken and shine light on the Shelaymut (the complete) truth that is deep within your being, in the depths of your soul. We will be commissioning 10 artists to create 10 pieces of art for this Tikkun HaKlali collector Sefer series.

The Light of Infinite Festival is a first-of-its-kind live-stream festival featuring authors, speakers, healers, musicians and some of the most innovative minds in spiritual self-growth and healing. The Festival boasts two interactive rooms on an exclusive virtual platform allowing festival goers to jump from room to room attending live talks, sessions, and musical performances.

The dream line-up of epic souls includes Keynote Speakers: Rabbi Simon Jacobson, Erez Safar, and Yom Tov Glaser.

+ Alison Serour, Allegra Marino Shmulevsky, Chana Ani Lipitz, Choni, Eliyahu Krause, Erez Safar, Evonne Marzouk, Julia Lustigman, Katia Bolotin, Leah Silver, Leah Tabak, Leora Mandel, Micaela Ezra, Nuriel, Rabbi Alon Rome, Rabbi Tal Perez, Rachel Weinstein, Rav Itzchak Evan-Shayish, Rebbetzin Kineret Perez, Sara Esther Crispe, Shammai Siskind, and many more!

The last five festivals took place in and were a huge success, with over 50,000 spiritual and self-growth seekers tuning in to the variety of sessions. Produced by Erez Safar, who acts as Your Spiritual DJ, and whose first live-stream festival, Lo-Freq Fest, was featured in Billboard, and whose Don’t Block Your Blessings festivals featured over 100+ world-wide presenters with 45,000+ attendees/ viewers.

The goal of the Light of Infinite Festival is to foster creative and collaborative bridge-building while presenting thought leaders through light and love to a world in need of healing.

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