Devorah Sisso

Devorah Sisso

Session TitleBaal Shemtov's work on Mirrors called Ein Habdolach - crystal eye.
Devorah Sisso is an internationally acclaimed Torah educator, Motivational Speaker & Life-coach. Creator of the Breakthrough series. Born in Israel and raised in the United States, she has a gift for connecting with Jews from all walks of life. Her energetic and soulful presentations have inspired literally thousands of people from across the Jewish spectrum, ranging from college students and Birthright participants to seminary students and young professionals. As one of the most popular jewish female Torah educators, she has been featured many times on Torah Anytime, Hidabroot,, ITV, Nashim magazine and much more…

Session topic: “Baal Shemtov’s work on Mirrors called Ein Habdolach – Crystal eye.”

A deeper look into the inner workings of the Nefesh and how to heal it through a kabbalistic technique called Ein Habdolach based on Baal Shem Tov’s teachings.


Kabbalah teaches that the level of success and accomplishment we will attain in our lives is ENTIRELY based on the way we perceive and therefore interact with life and the experiences we have in it. 

It goes deeper & explains that in fact, everything boils down to how we interpret the interactions and the situations we find ourselves in time and time again…

Ein Ha’Bdolach translated to mean Crystal Eye – the Torah describes this eye as the eye that can bring about everything good or G-d forbid turn everything good away…

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