Yehezkel Yosef Abulafia

Yehezkel Yosef Abulafia

Session TitleAbulafia Meditation

Yehezkel’s journey began almost 10 years ago when on a Birthright trip to Israel. Upon visiting Tzfat, he felt an immediate connection to the place and decided to begin exploring the mystical teachings he learned to be associated with the holy city. In exploring both Kabbalah and his own heritage, Yehezkel was able to trace his lineage back to the 13th-century Kabbalist Avraham Abulafia ZT” L. After studying in Yeshivot in both the United States and Israel, Yehezkel has returned to Tzfat where his journey first began. He and his wife Mia have decided to dedicate their lives to living and sharing with others the endless beauty of the Torah and life itself.

Title- Abulafia Meditation

Description- Experience a taste of Kabblaistic Meditation and learn practical tools to prepare for the New Year.

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