Yosef Daniel

Yosef Daniel


Multilingual artist Yosef Daniel is an Israeli from Texas, born in Mexico. His music is breaking down barriers in Isreli radio with his recent French/Spanish hit song “Tramente,” released by Torah-Box. YD, devoted husband and father of seven has been sharing his music live in Israel for thirteen years. His first English release, “Open Our Eyes” reached the #1 spot on Scoop Radio via the Jewish Entertainment Network by Yossi Zwieg in New York. YD’s unique story of a challenging background to get to where he is makes his artistry a special one. After enduring drive by shooting in Texas YD decided to search very deeply for truth, for the G-d of Israel specifically. Being that YD grew up in a judeo Christian community his search for truth led him to study Torah. Through the teachings of Rabbi Eli J. Mansour and other great rabbanim, YD finally found his place of peace and pursued conversion to return to his Spanish roots. Along with his wife and son he finalized his conversion to orthodox judaism in 2010 and moved to Jerusalem and checked in to Aish HaTorah. In Jerusalem YD shared the small open mic stages with the likes of The Solomon Brothers, Ishay Ribo, Shtar, Nuriel, Yonatan Raziel and many other great Jewish musicians. YD continues to inspire others with his multilingual songs under the guidance of Torah-Box and other great music projects.

Session Title: Seeking The Light
Yosef Daniel shares his story and lessons from transitioning from the darkness to the Light of the Infinite.

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