Moshe Gersht

Moshe Gersht

Session TitleYou Are The Light You Seek To Find 

Today Moshe Gersht is a spiritual teacher, a Wall Street Journal & USA Today best-selling author, and TEDx speaker. But previous to that, Moshe had quite the different life, spending nearly a decade touring the United States as the singer and songwriter for a popular Los Angeles based rock band.


He has since devoted his life to seamlessly bridging the worlds of Torah and mystical wisdom with the true nature of the human mind and our collective struggles. In addition to dedicating years of study under the guidance of the world’s premier rabbi’s and wisdom teachers, he has found a niche for himself sharing his love for life, people, and spirit through speaking, teaching, and writing.

Session Title: You Are The Light You Seek To Find 


Moshe Gersht
Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author
TEDx Speaker
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