Rabbi Yom Tov Glaser

Rabbi Yom Tov Glaser

Session TitleThe Illusion of Time

Rabbi Yom Tov Glaser is not your typical rabbi!  The son of a successful sportswear manufacturer, Rabbi Yom Tov was raised in the foothills of Hollywood, California.  With the Pacific Ocean nearby, he was surfing from a young age, and grew up traveling the world on surf-travel expeditions. On the days when the waves were small, he’d jump on his bike and pedal to the local hills, where he developed into a hard-core mountain biker, which he remains til today.  To complete the picture, the home Rabbi Yom Tov grew up in was an extremely musical one, which explains why he and his guitar remain so connected even now.

Those years of surfing, mountain biking, music, and partying left Yom Tov with insight and inquiry into human character, the meaning of life and alternative spirituality. Those insights provoked an insatiable quest for truth. Frustrated by a lack of answers from his college education (his B.A. is from the University of California in Santa Barbara), Yom Tov moved to Israel in 1991 to explore his Jewish origins, hoping to get clarity in the process.   A summer program at the Aish HaTorah College of Jewish Studies evolved into seven years of intense learning, with Yom Tov finally getting the knowledge he’d always sought.

In 1998, Yom Tov received rabbinic ordination from Rabbi Natan Kupshitz of Beit Shemesh and Rav Yitzchak Berkowitz of Aish HaTorah.

He then trained in Psycho-Spiritual Therapy with renowned Jerusalem-based psychotherapist, Efim Svirsky, and credits this coursework with introducing him to his gifts in “spiritual therapy”.  Rabbi Yom Tov is one of the top addresses in the Jewish world for helping individuals break through deep emotional/physiological blocks and to come closer to the G-d experience.

Since 2000, Rabbi Glaser has a been a senior Rabbi at Aish HaTorah’s World Center in the Old City of Jerusalem. Known as a master orator, Rabbi Yom Tov can be found lecturing (and entertaining) for groups and organizations worldwide.  Few people can hold a crowd’s attention as Rabbi Yom Tov can, regardless of his audience’s age or level of Jewish observance.

In 2002, Rabbi Glaser founded the internationally acclaimed Possible You Seminar, a week-long self-transformation experience, which he offers both in Jerusalem and abroad. Today, the Possible You is Rabbi Yom Tov’s most significant project and we invite you to read more about it under its own tab on this site.

Rabbi Yom Tov is part of the Pinsk Karlin Chassidic Shul in Meah Shearim, where the congregation is known for screaming every word of their prayer service at the top of their lungs.  He is also a student of a Chasidic Rebbe whose life’s work is the research and practice of Kabbalistic reality.  Learning with this Rebbe takes place around his long wood table, and extends into the wee hours of the night.

Rabbi Glaser now resides in Jerusalem with his wife, Leah, and their children and grandchildren.  He studies, teaches, plays music and adventures the world over, sharing internationally what he calls “transformational education.”


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