Alexa Eden

Alexa Eden

Session TitleBlue is the New You

Alexa Eden works with Jewish individuals, and organizations to help, heal, and develop their soul self. I focus primarily on the relationship we, and our youth, have with technology, and establish clear, sacred and motivating boundaries to support our ultimate evolution. My efforts integrate a variety of tools, from Torah teachings, to natural healing, nutrition, trauma-informed meditation, Pilates, and, most notably, technology addiction. My goal is to support as many of today’s Jewish youth with the tools, resources, and education needed to #strikeabalance and #ReturntoEden

Session Title: Blue is the New You

In a technology first world, the light we interact with most is called “blue-light.” And while there are plenty of benefits from this radiance, it’s also revealing some of today’s deepest soul challenges.

In this talk, we’ll explore the many ways in which technology is interfering with our evolution, both as individuals, and as a collective, and how we can step back in to our power, using technology as a tool to access true redemption.

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