Zevi Slavin – Seekers of Unity

Zevi Slavin – Seekers of Unity

Session TitleMysticism for the Modern World

Zevi Slavin is the creator of Seekers of Unity, an educational project and community dedicated to a collaborative, comparative, interdisciplinary exploration of mysticism. Exploring the unity of the world’s mystical traditions and the intersection of philosophy and mysticism, east and west, ancient and contemporary. You are invited to join the community of seekers at www.youtube.com/seekersofunity

Zevi is an Australian native who was raised, educated and ordained within the Chassidic community. Early on, Zevi fell in love with Jewish mysticism, a love which proved contagious and spread to all of the world’s mystical traditions. Zevi has studied and taught philosophy and mysticism at both religious and academic institutions around the world. He’s currently reading and writing, curating content, conversation and community, in the hopes of creating a more intimate, tender and caring world together.

Session Topic: Mysticism for the Modern World

* An exploration of the unity of experience theory and practice in the worlds mystical traditions, a universal spirituality, a mysticism which transcends all boundaries while being deeply rooted in tradition. Exploring an upgraded operating system for religion. A rationally, empirically, scientifically and philosophically sound approach to a mysticism which might just redeem us and teach us how to live beautiful lives.




https://instagram.com/seekersofunity https://www.twitter.com/seekersofU https://www.seekersofunity.com

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