Rabbi Harry Rozenberg

Rabbi Harry Rozenberg


Rabbi Harry Rozenberg is the founder of Partners in Israel and is a direct descendant of one of the greatest Jewish sages of the last 2000 years. (The Vilna Gaon) As a teenager, Harry had a vivid vision about returning to Israel and owning a piece of the Holy Land. Harry’s journey was met with numerous mystical miracles including partnerships with tribal leaders from Afghanistan and Ethiopia.

He is an outspoken advocate for Jews in Israel regardless of their identity or background with a desire to open people’s eyes to the truth… That we are in a generation where the ancient prophecies are being fulfilled. His controversial lecture about the biblical prophecy concerning the return of lost tribes of Israel has received over one million views and led to numerous debates with radically opposed leaders.

On his 14-year journey to discover the Lost Tribes of Israel he has found over 100 million people who self-identify as being part of the ancient tribes of Israel. This includes 6-time NBA All-Star Amare Stoudemire who has recently returned to study and live in the Land of Israel.

After years of countless setbacks Harry finally fulfilled his dream of purchasing land in Israel. He bought 40 dunam of land in The Valley of Springs which he later discovered was the place king Saul fell upon his sword in anguish and where historical sources claim the hidden entrance to the Garden of Eden could be located.

His mission is to help bring the Jewish nation back to their homeland and fulfill the biblical prophecies with the intention of achieving the ultimate redemption of mankind.

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