Grace Friedman

Grace Friedman

Session TitleChoosing Life and Receiving the Gifts of Birth

Grace is a wellness educator, birth advocate, postpartum care provider, creative community unifier, moon dancing songstress. She has received training and mentorship in holistic well-woman care, birth work, postpartum care, herbalism, yoga+yoga nidra, medicine music, sweat lodge and native american ceremonial traditions, and other healing modalities, which support her to hold space for transformational birth, death, and rebirth processes. She has also spent the last 12 years learning weekly with her Rabbi Henoch Dov Hoffman in Denver, her greatest teacher and mentor so far in this lifetime and her sounding board for all of her studies and experiences. Put simply, Grace’s passion is exploring altered/deeper states of consciousness in all the ways listed above; the states where thinking changes, problems dissolve and solutions exist. It is her delight to be a guiding light and witness for others to find their way to these deeper states as well, supporting them in finding their own solutions and forging their unique healing path. 

Session Title 

Choosing Life and Receiving the Gifts of Birth

Session Description 

We will reflect on birth as an altered state of consciousness and process of transformation and how this relates to the birth process of the high holidays. What is there to notice during this time? How do we choose life? What are the gifts of choosing life? Let’s explore this topic. 

May we be sealed in the book of life. May we receive the gifts of birth, transform, and thrive.

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