Malkah Geller

Malkah Geller

Session TitleChoosing Life and Receiving the Gifts of Birth

Malkah is an empathetic, gentle and patient natured care giver of children and families that brings a sweet charm to the space she occupies. She has always been inspired, enlivened and driven to be around young ones and learn from them.  

Malkah’s journey and experiences have guided her to expand her work to caring for familial well being by tending to the health of the mothers. She has training in Bach remedies, postpartum care and is an aspiring herbalist and supports authentic healing through natural methods. Her work is guided by the belief that we are all unique, highly intelligent and spiritual beings and have our own path towards healing and wholeness that should be guided by the individual. 
Malkah’s soul was called to learn Torah in Israel at age 18 where she lived for 12 years. There she became immersed in the culture, and learned to tend to a home by witnessing a multitude of families in their homes, especially on Shabbat . There she also went to culinary school where she learned Hebrew and is now using her skills to cook and care for postpartum mothers.

Session Title 

Choosing Life and Receiving the Gifts of Birth

Session Description 

We will reflect on birth as an altered state of consciousness and process of transformation and how this relates to the birth process of the high holidays. What is there to notice during this time? How do we choose life? What are the gifts of choosing life? Let’s explore this topic. 

May we be sealed in the book of life. May we receive the gifts of birth, transform, and thrive.

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