Sarah Perets

Sarah Perets

Session TitleChange your habits - Change your life

A teacher by training and a mom at heart, Sarah Perets has been teaching and inspiring women on a wide variety of topics, for over 20 years. Sarah lectures regularly in Los Angeles, and gives numerous classes on YouTube, social media and via zoom with audiences from around the world. Sarah also participates in podcasts and writes in magazines regarding issues relevant to today’s challenges.

Upon completion of her seminary education in Israel, Sarah studied psychology and education at Reims university in France.

Sarah is the daughter of the Chabad emissaries in Grenoble, France, who inspired her to do everything with joy and love for the community.

Sarah is married to Ariel Perets. They live in Los Angeles with their family.

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Session title:  Change your habits – Change your life

How to Create Real, Lasting Change & become the person you are meant to be

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