Reb Leibish

Reb Leibish


Our Rosh Yeshiva, Reb Leibish, was a close and beloved student of the Yeshiva’s founder, Rav Sholom Brodt z”l. He received his Rabbinic ordination from HaRav Efraim Greenblatt zt’l, and recently completed a PhD on R. Nosson of Breslov’s perspective on the Enlightenment. Reb Leibish led McGill University’s “Ghetto Shul” for 11 years, well-known and remembered as one of the most vibrant and impactful college shuls during his time there. Reb Leibish uses his musical talents, great sense of humor and radiant personality to create a profound learning experience.

Session Info: Believing in Yourself

A framework of understanding faith in oneself and a practical understanding of how to grow in this crucial dimension of life, from the teachings of Breslov chassidut. 

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