Yocheved Godsi

Yocheved Godsi

Session TitleHealing & Transformation; Mystical insights on what's different in these times

Yocheved has been a Psychotherapist, LMHC & Spiritual Healer for over 15 years, assisting clients with transforming emotional blocks so that they can experience the magic and freedom of their authentic divine selves.

Her personal journey led her to explore Jewish mystical teachings and cutting edge spiritual technology. Both ancient Kabbalistic sources and the latest scientific research on healing and personal empowerment are incorporated into her work.

Yocheved is an Orthodox Jew and comes from a long lineage of Hassidic Masters, spiritual teachers and healers, tracing back to the Baal Shem Tov.

Her goal is to bring to life the wellsprings of inner Torah and Kabbalah Healing to help empower people from around the world to heal all aspects of their lives. She works with her global clientele to activate intensive healing within so that they can shine their own radiant divine light.



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