Yocheved Sidof

Yocheved Sidof

Session TitleEmbodied Mysticism: How to feel what you know and heal yourself
A champion for building healing-centric communities and reform that honors the intersection between tradition and innovation, Yocheved Sidof is an entrepreneur, educator, activist, consultant, writer and psycho-mystical depth work facilitator.
In 2010, she challenged normative school models and founded Lamplighters Yeshivah, a progressive Chassidic school, which under her decade-long leadership grew from a hopeful endeavor to an internationally recognized movement in education reform. A lifelong learner, she’s completed trainings on adaptive leadership, the altMBA, therapeutic coaching, and systemic change as is currently in a two-year intensive with Thomas Huebl, studying psycho-somatic-mystical models of healing personal, collective and ancestral trauma.
Yocheved sits on boards supporting innovations in mental health awareness and self-transformation. She is the Senior Advisor for Gender and Leadership at Leading Edge, leading the effort to understand female Orthodox Jewish leadership. She was selected as part of the inaugural cohort of the Wexner Field Fellowship in 2017, NEXUS, the Women In Faith Fellowship, and one of the Jewish Week’s “36 Under 36” for her pioneering achievement in social entrepreneurship.
She’s the founder of an emerging intentional collective called the Challal, committed to healing, embodied mysticism and meditation.

Yocheved and her eclectic, dog-loving family live in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

founder @thechallal

Session info: Embodied Mysticism: How to feel what you know and heal yourself

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