Rav Joey Rosenfeld

Rav Joey Rosenfeld


Rabbi Joey Rosenfeld, LCSW is a practicing psychotherapist in the addiction field focusing on the interface between philosophy, spirituality, and psychology. He is currently working on a monograph Entering The Sea of Wisdom: An Introduction to the Teachings of R’ Yitzchak Meir Morgenstern shlit”a. Several years ago, with a limited live audience in St. Louis, Rav Joey decided to seek his audience online. His first series was on the Sefer Reish Millin, written by Rav Kook when he was stuck in exile in World War One.

Reb Joey’s podcasts and video recordings on works of Jewish philosophy, Kabbalah and the inner workings of the human soul have been watched and listened to by thousands around the world and he has a dedicated following of students from the entire spectrum of the Jewish community.

Follow Joey on Twitter @jorosenfeld

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