Chen Malchut

Chen Malchut

Session TitlePraying with our Whole Being

Chen’s mission is to live in a place of center, presence and connection and to inspire others to the same. Her teachings are embodied and holistic, connecting the dimensions of spirit, mind, heart, body and soul. Chen is a practicing therapist (MA) in central Tel Aviv and online, supporting people of all ages and genders in this journey of life. She works with prayer, body-awareness, meditative observation, creative expression and the magic of connection to live in inner/outer alignment and harmony.

Getting real with ourselves, our light and dark and variety of colors, is a massive step in the process.
Malchut co-leads workshops for women around the world on sacred sexuality with grounded body tools and teachings of chassidut. She holds years of experience as a birth doula, a ganenet, and an international business consultant, as well as a BA and two MA’s in the field of psychology.

To connect, reach out to Chen here: [email protected]

SESSION INFO: Praying with our Whole Being

What to do with powerlessness?

Life can feel so frustrating sometimes, so confusing, so upside down. In moments of aloneness and existential angst, there is an alchemic transformation that we can tap into, through praying with our whole being. Prayer is often discussed as an idea; in this workshop we will connect to her in an embodied and holistic way. We can pray with words, we can pray with dance, with breath, with movement, with love, with passion. Let’s open the doors together to a fuller experience of prayer, of surrender, of letting go, of trust.

Prayer is a step we take again and again, each day anew. It is a way of living, a way of being, a path. To each person, prayer is a unique experience. At different times in our life, we connect to her differently. Our relationship with the divine is both individual and collective, and prayer is as personal as it gets. Prayer is a portal to feel deeply and to find deep release. We don’t have to hold the weight of life alone, there is a power greater than each one of us. Prayer is the bridge to tap into that connection.

In this session, we will learn about prayer in our minds, find personal space in our hearts and practice expressing our prayer through our bodies. Finding the divine in every cell of our being, bringing embodied holistic prayer more fully into our lives is what it’s all about. 

*No specific previous experience required for this workshop. Here is an open invitation to you – come and join, from wherever you are, with whatever you carry in your heart. You are welcome <3

May we be blessed in this journey, amen.


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