Michael Benmeleh

Michael Benmeleh

Session TitleThe Battle of our Generation - A guide to Fighting the War of Shemirat Habrit (Guarding the Covenant)

Michael Benmeleh is director of the Lighthouse Project and Breslov Light, spiritual torah influencer, and lecturer on all things that put a fire in your heart to serve Hashem.

Using his mixed background and love of all sects of Judaism ranging from Breslov. Chabad, Yeshivish, Sefardic and Ashkenaz, he has been able to infuse this philosophy to be able to put together a cast of amazing lecturers of all different styles and background of Judaism to teach and inspire hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world. The philosophy to unite all Jews and help them to get close to H-shem to bring Moshiach has inspired people from all walks of life to follow the Lighthouse Project and help them grow and infuse that light to others. Michael considers Rabbi Nachman of Breslov one of the greatest of tzadikim and his connection has helped him teach Rabbi Nachman’s main work, Likutey Moharan for several years. His love to infuse his teachings and bring them down to a level all can understand is one of his passions is featured weekly through the Lighthouse and Breslov Light social media pages on Youtube and Facebook!

Topic: The Battle of our Generation- A guide to Fighting the War of Shemirat Habrit (Guarding the Covenant)

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