Ayelet Polonsky AKA “The Manifestation Mentor”

Ayelet Polonsky AKA “The Manifestation Mentor”

Session TitleFrom India to Israel: a Story That Will Change YOUR Life and Get You Manifesting ASAP

Ayelet Polonsky, aka “The Manifestation Mentor” is an adventure loving, green living, healthy dessert fanatic & yogi… who helps people turn their “thoughts into things!” Professionally she is an Inspirational Speaker, Life Coach and Therapist. Ayelet is trained in Cognitive Behavioral, Narrative Therapy & EFT. Her work has been featured in Mind Body Green, Elephant Journal, Glamor Magazine, Fox News, NBC, and CBS News. She lived in India for a large chunk of six years and learned Visualization and Meditation under some of the greatest Enlightened Masters, until she arrived in Israel five years ago, where she’s been a student and teacher of Mysticism and Manifestation under great mystics & rabbis. Ayelet has led transformational retreats and workshops for women all around the world. As her husband says, “Ayelet is in the transformation business.” She lives to help women break through the blockages of self-worth so that they can unlock miracles… actually!” Deep inner work can be hard work, so she makes sure you’re having FUN along the way!

Session Info:  From India to Israel: a Story That Will Change YOUR Life and Get You Manifesting ASAP

Ayelet Polonsky lived in India for six years before a voice in her head told her to leave IMMEDIATELY and go to Israel.  While in India she experienced a NEAR DEATH experience.  This event opened her up to a MIRACLE and propelled her into her life’s mission of becoming The Manifestation Mentor.  Working as a Therapist and Life Coach, Ayelet has spent over a decade researching the subconscious and what drives human behavior. In this talk you will be moved to tears and inspired to take immediate action to take your life to the  NEXT LEVEL.  You will learn the #1 tool that blocks miracles from being your status quo.  You will learn how to release those blockages.  And hey, you may even experience a miracle!  This life changing talk is not one you’re gonna want to miss. 

To learn more about Manifestation and to hear Ayelet’s teachings, head over to www.TheManifestationMindset.co

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