Sunny Levi

Sunny Levi

Session TitleSpiritual Self Defense

Sunny Levi is one of ten female certified-seventh-degree black belts in the country. In addition to being a Taekwondo master and an elite athlete who was once on a path to the Olympics, she was also a professional actress, appearing in numerous commercials and films, and aspiring to work her way up to what she thought was “the top”: becoming a Hollywood star. Then Sunny made some major turns in her life. She is now is a mother of 6, personal fitness trainer, yoga and self-defense instructor, inspirational speaker, writer, emunah life coach and teacher of hitbodidut- personal prayer. In addition to coaching women and children both in person and online, Sunny also works as a martial arts therapist for Kids Kicking Cancer where she helps children with chronic illness overcome the fear and physical discomfort of their condition and treatment. Sunny is passionate about spreading emunah, eating clean, drinking green, hiking and talking to God. She and her family moved 4 years ago from Chicago to Scottsdale, Arizona. You can keep up with her on Instagram at @sunnyblackbelt or Facebook at sunny Ariella levi, or Sunnys Martial arts and fitness.

Session Title: Spiritual Self Defense


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