Michael Dear

Michael Dear

Session TitleChoose Your Own Adventure: Empowering Your Life’s Decisions

Michael Dear is a Therapist, Coach, and Speaker living in the Philadelphia area with his wife and 4 kids (although at times it feels like more). Michael culls from his therapeutic education and background, coaching training, as well as his years spent as an entertainer and magician, to create his unique and powerful brand and style that provides entertaining education, motivation, and inspiration. In a world where people live a life of mediocrity while they yearn for greatness, Michael focuses on helping others to express and translate their potential into the results they want: to live a live of success, happiness, and fulfillment.

Session Title: Choose Your Own Adventure: Empowering Your Life’s Decisions

We all have goals, visions, and dreams of what we want to achieve in our lives. (If you don’t, please get in touch. I can help. 😉) In this fun and informative talk, we will explore some of the potentially biggest hurdles to your life of success and fulfillment, and how to empower your decisions to overcome them.

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