Eli Deutsch

Eli Deutsch

Session TitleGETTING TO JOY IN 2022

Rabbi Eli Deutsch is an acclaimed speaker and author who inspires and motivates Jews of all backgrounds to take a fresh look at life by presenting thought provoking ideas in a manner that is inspirational and user friendly. With a plethora of parallels and explanatory precision, Rabbi Eli masterfully articulates abstract concepts into practical transformative teachings, communicating the deeper side of Judaism in a way that resonates with the well-read student as well as the newcomer.

Rabbi Eli is a fan of innovation, connecting with interesting people, driving on open roads, and five shekel coffee shops. He currently lives in the Old City of Jerusalem, where he spends most of his time teaching, writing, counselling, learning, hosting, and with his family.

He is the author of numerous books, including the #1 Amazon Best Seller“Jewish By Choice” and “The Case for Judaism”. Rabbi Eli has spoken for dozens of communities, YJPs, and university programs throughout North America and Europe. He has been featured in 250+ Birthright groups and has had 15,000+ people come through his doors to learn and be inspired.

Session Title: GETTING TO JOY IN 2022

The comforts and technology of the modern world could not have been dreamt of just a few generations ago, yet many of us feel lower than ever. Drawing on the deeper sources within Judaism, ‘Getting to Joy in 2022’ explores our psychology and what makes us tick, revealing the inner drive of every human being for self-actualization and beyond.


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