Atara Weisberger

Atara Weisberger

Session TitleLiving a More Authentic Life

Atara Weisberger, MPA, NBC-HWC is a Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Mayo Clinic certified wellness coach, author and public speaker. Atara has over 20 years experience coaching individuals and communities to vibrant health. She recently launched a new initiative called Soul Coaching that helps women connect with their innate wisdom and authenticity to create a life of love, trust, peace, joy and purpose. Atara coaches in person and virtually.

Session Title: Living a More Authentic Life

We live in a noisy and externally focused world. It is easy to lose connection with yourself and feel like a ship adrift. This workshop will help you navigate back to your inner truth and wisdom, your truest anchor for building a life of love, joy and purpose.


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