The love you take is equal to the love you make

“Tzedakah and acts of kindness are the equivalent of all the mitzvot of the Torah” – Jerusalem Talmud, Pe’ah 1:1. Where we are at now in the Torah, is a place where we are coming out of everything being taken care for us, being taken out of Egypt, the splitting of the sea, even our food (the manna), we didn’t have to do anything, as if we were children, because we are, the Children of Israel. We were just given everything. This parsha (Terumah) teaches us how to give and the only way to grow is to give. The parsha (weekly Torah reading) goes into great detail over laws of how to build the Mishkan (Tabernacle), this includes precise measurements, and the three kinds of Terumah; Shekalim – annual contribution of half a Shekel The one time payment of half …

The love you take is equal to the love you make Continue Reading

Light of Infinite is a book series (coming soon), a podcast, and a weekly Dvar (digital + pamphlets distributed to shull’s in LA). Erez Safar acts as Your Spiritual DJ, curating insights into the weekly Torah portion and the infinite light of Kabbalah.

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