Found A World So New

The Dvar/article below is also available as a Podcast, simply click any of the following options: Apple, Spotify, Bandcamp,¬†Soundcloud,¬† &/or Youtube. ________________________________________________________ This week is the famous story of Noach and the flood. The entire generation had fallen to the Sitra Achra (the Other Side) and Hashem calls Noach righteous and perfect. Noach built an ark and then rain fell for 40 days. Hundreds of days later, after a dove was sent out and returned with an olive branch in its mouth, Noach knew redemption had come and it was time to fully move forward. This story represents something that everyone faces at one point or another in their lives: Becoming the hero of our own story, building an ark, and filling ourselves up with the hope of redemption. It is up to each of us to strengthen ourselves continually …

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