There’s Always Money In The Banana Stand

When I was living in Bushwick, NY, my roommate Aaron Wertheimer, an old childhood friend, would watch Arrested Development. Seeing it in passing, I didn’t fully get the epicness of the show and its character development. When I gave it a real chance, I was hooked, thinking it even topped Seinfeld on how beyond brilliant it was. So much so that from that point on we only referred to each other as ‘hermano.’ As I write this, so many lines are circling my mind, but one that sticks out is George Bluth Sr. reassuring his son, Michael Bluth, that “there’s always money in the family banana stand”. When Michael hears this, he interprets it to mean that the banana stand that the family owns will always make money, not realizing why his father kept winking at him as he says …

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