Achrei Mot-Kedoshim

Cheat Codes to Holiness

“My kedusha (holiness) is greater than yours.” –  The Maggid of Mezrich  When the Maggid said this, he wasn’t saying “I’m holier than you are.” He meant, “My kedushah stems from your kedushah.” This connects to a fundamental Torah concept: מצווה גוררת מצווה (mitzvah goreret mitzvah), which means that one good deed always pulls another one in its wake. The Maggid takes this idea into the realm of kedusha: if someone else does a holy act, it inspires you to be holier for yourself and for others, and so your holiness increases beyond the initial act. So, the Maggid is saying that your kedusha makes his kedusha greater, because each of us has the power to make others holier.   This week’s parashah, Kedoshim (“holy ones”), was my Bar Mitzvah parashah, and, as Rashi points out, שׁרוב גוּפי תוֹרה תלוּיין בּה, …

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