Pesach (Passover)

The Transformative Power of Pesach and Sefirat Ha’Omer

Radiant is the world soul, Full of splendor and beauty, Full of life, Of souls hidden, Of treasures of the holy spirit, Of fountains of strength, Of greatness and beauty. Proudly I ascend Toward the heights of the world soul That gives life to the universe. How majestic the vision – Come, enjoy, Come, find peace, Embrace delight, Taste and see that God is good. Why spend your substance on what does not nourish And your labor on what cannot satisfy? Listen to me, and you will enjoy what is good, And find delight in what is truly precious. These poetic words are from the notebook of Rav Kook. In these last parshiot (prior to Pesach), we continue discussing the intricacies of the Temple sacrifices and touches on chametz (leavened bread). Learning the parashiot, we can draw connections between the …

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