Rabbi Alon Moshe Rōm

Rabbi Alon Moshe Rōm

Session TitleHow To Access Geula Consciousness

Rabbi Rōm is an Israeli-American Jewish educator, life-coach and epic storyteller. Based in the mystical city of Tzfat, he has dedicated his life to helping young Jews have a more inspiring and passionate connection with their Jewish identity by giving them the opportunity to explore the deep mystical secrets hidden within Torah and Jewish Tradition. In addition to being an ordained Chassidic rabbi teaching in the local men’s yeshiva and women’s seminary he also is a certified NLP master practitioner and TFT transformation therapist. He works with Jews and non-Jews alike around the world helping them to overcome their personal limitations and actualize their unique mission in life.

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Session Title: How To Access Geula Consciousness
Learn a powerful kabbalistic technique to activate your Keter and unleash the Warrior of Light within.

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