Leah Wolchin

Leah Wolchin

Session TitleGive it ALL to God 🤲

Meet Leah, a life coach who empowers her clients to live their best lives! Her approach is rooted in practicality and action. She works with clients to identify their goals and develop actionable strategies to achieve them – in just 8 sessions. Everyone has at least one area of their lives they know can be improved, and Leah will guide you to that improvement. Her driving motivation is to inspire positive change and help others unlock their full potential leading to fulfilling and purpose-driven lives.

Session title: Give it ALL to God 🤲
In this session, I will guide you through a meditation to create more breathing room, release tension, and explore inner peace.

Through encouraging you to visualize calming scenes, release negative thoughts, and cultivate gratitude. You will leave this session feeling more centered, refreshed, and connected to God and your higher self.

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