Judy Brodt

Judy Brodt

Session TitleBeing grateful for my examples, living in Geula

In Judy’s own words, “Born in Budapest, Hungary, during the Shoah, 1944, י׳א תשרי

My mother and I b”H lived through the war, all miraculous events, while my father was in slave labor camp. He also with huge miracles came back alive. I was 13 months old when I met him.

B”H my sister was born in 1948. My parents with much work, ingenious and innovative hope built a nice life in Budapest. Under communism, life was tricky. But, b”H in October 1956, a revolution broke out. The Hungarians wanted to overthrow the communist government, which they did – for about 6, 7 days. In a nutshell, we escaped from Hungary to Austria, on December 25, 1956, b”H we were able to go to the US, to Miami. Not knowing a word of English was challenging at first, but going to school, becoming a gymnast, a swimmer, a violist, a dancer graduating from university with a degree in interior design life was full, b”H. In 1963 I got married and had a beautiful daughter, who is living with her husband and family in Hevron.

Eventually HaShem blessed me to discover a joyful Yiddishkeit, with Reb Zalman Schachter z”l and Rebbe Shlomo Carlebach z”l. My whole life changed, got devorced and B”H remarried to Rav Sholom Brodt, z”l. We were blessed with two sons to add to his 4 children and my daughter.

We lived in Montreal until 1994, when HaShem opened the gate for us to really live in Eretz Israel, in Yerushalayim Ir Ha Kodesh.

We’ve been constantly blessed with meeting the most wonderful people in the world.

My husband a”h was a master teacher and started a yeshiva in honor of Rebbe Shlomo Carlebach z”l, Yeshivat Simchat Shlomo. That was about 19 years ago.

B”H its still going strong and every moment stronger, giving over and sharing the deepest, highest, most joyful Torahs from heart to heart from soul to soul, with much love.

About 30 years ago HaShem gave me more opportunities to be adding to my profession of interior design by working with women, being a Kallah teacher, a massage therapist and a labor assistant. (Doula)
Since my husband’s passing to another realm, over five years ago, I’ve been more involved with the Yeshiva, particularly, with the women’s program, Shevach, combining Torah with the arts, such as voice, painting, dance.

B”H my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren are living in Eretz Israel for which I’m hugely grateful for, constantly.”

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