Jonah Simcha Chaim Muskat-Brown

Jonah Simcha Chaim Muskat-Brown

Session TitleChanukah: Discovering Our Own Unique Light

Jonah Simcha Chaim Muskat-Brown is an educator, social worker, and freelance author from Toronto, Canada. He draws inspiration from the vast sea of Chassidic wisdom and the many works of psychology and human development as he empowers others to discover and unlock hidden potentials within themselves along the journey of unleashing their own greatness. Jonah Simcha Chaim is the author of Expanding Potential: Journeying Beyond Who We Think We Are.

Session Title: Chanukah: Discovering Our Own Unique Light

Who would you be if you could be yourself? What life would you choose to live if nobody told you who you needed to become, or what you were/weren’t capable of achieving?

In this session, we’ll take a deep dive into the topic of human potential – unearthing our genuine essence buried beneath our many layers of defence mechanisms we dress ourselves as we face the world around us. Using the story and themes of Chanukah as our backdrop, we’ll draw on ideas from Chassidus and psychology to (re)discover our unique light and how we can individually and collectively illuminate our shared reality.

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