Evonne Marzouk

Evonne Marzouk

Session TitleBring Your Inner Heroine To Life

Evonne Marzouk is the author of the Jewish spiritual novel The Prophetess, published by Bancroft Press in 2019; co-editor of Uplifting People and Planet: Eighteen Essential Jewish Lessons on the Environment; and most recently developed a new Heroine’s Journal which empowers teen girls and women to grow into all their gifts. She grew up in Philadelphia and received her B.A. in writing with a minor in religious studies from the Johns Hopkins University.

Session Title: Bring Your Inner Heroine To Life
No matter what stage we are in life, we’re all still growing and we all have gifts to grow into. What are yours? Join an inspirational exploration of your gifts using wisdom from Jewish mysticism and modern personal growth concepts as gathered in the new Heroine’s Journal. You’ll complete the session knowing more about your gifts, how they relate to Jewish heroines of the past, and how they can guide you powerfully into your heroine’s future!

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