Dave Mason

Dave Mason

Session TitleThe 3 Golden Calves and the Fear of the Unknown

Dave Mason is a Personal Growth junky, Orthodox Rabbi, and novelist. His personal mission statement is “Learn, Grow, Teach.” He loves discovering new wisdom, applying it to his life, and teaching it to others through his novels. Dave’s Biblical Fiction series The Age of Prophecy has been called a “Biblical Harry Potter.” The series brings the reader into the world of the Bible during the epic clash between the Israelite Kings and Prophets. The novels draw on ancient oral and mystical traditions, in addition to modern archeological finds, to reconstruct the Biblical world. Dave developed the series to create a bridge between modern readers and their long-forgotten spiritual histories. His books make the Biblical tales come alive, transforming the readers’ understanding of ancient texts and their context. Dave lives with his family in the funky Nachlaot neighborhood of Jerusalem.

Session Title: The Three Golden Calves and the Fear of the Unknown
Most only know of the famous Golden Calf in the desert, but that was the shortest lived of the three Golden Calves made in Israel’s history. The Golden Calves were distinct from all other forms of idolatry that ravaged the land. What were these Calves? And how did they calm our fear of the unknown?


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