Aura Schwartz

Aura Schwartz

Session TitleTov LeHodot: It's Great to be Grateful

As a makeup artist, Aura started her career in the New York fashion scene and then moved to LA where she worked with celebrities and bridal parties. Always loving the personal interactions with her clients, and having grown up in the Schwartzie home as 1 of 12 kids, it was a natural fit for Aura to become a trained life coach. She currently lives in Nashville, TN where she coaches private clients, speaks publicly in her community, all while raising 4 – soon to be 5 – children.

Session Title: Tov LeHodot: It’s Great to be Grateful
“Gratitude” is such a hot, trendy term but as we know, Judaism has been teaching us this important lesson for ages. Learn practical tips on how to incorporate gratitude in your daily life, based on Torah and psychology.


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