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Side stage (in the Shull):

A taste of the Light of Infinite Festival curated by Erez Safar


Ari Dubrowski
Devorah Sisso
Eli Goldsmith
Erez Safar
Moshe Gersht
Orly Wahba
Rabbi Harry Rozenberg
Rav Aaron
Roei Hermon
Sara Halevi אנדי (NAVI)
Shaarya Witt
Sheva chaya
Tsofia Taizi
Yoseph Leib
Young Bekesha.

The Carlebach Moshav is located in Mevo Modi’im, Israel

CLICK FOR TICKETS & INFO – www.themoshavcountryfair.com

Other events on Erez Safar’s Israel Tour below:

Sept 21Light of Infinite open mic with Simchat Shlomo and Pomeranz (Jerusalem)
location: Pomeranz Bookseller, Be’eri St 5, Jerusalem, Israel
time: 8pm
cost: 20 shekels
tickets: Get Your Ticket!

Sept 27 Words Create Worlds with JTLV (Tel Aviv)
location: 22 ALLENBY
time: 8:45pm
tickets: Get Your Ticket!

Oct 2 – Perception Shift (the power of the spoken word) (Tzfat)
time: 8pm
cost: 30 shekels
location: the old city of Tsfat

Oct 3The Moshav County Fair (Mevo Modi’im)
Catch the Light of Infinite Fest side stage line up at The Carlebach Moshav at their Annual County Fair!
location: north-west of Modi’in on Highway 443

Oct 5 – Ritual Transcendence/Hoshana Rabbah Festival – Sunset to Sunrise (Jerusalem)
location: tba upon RSVP, here.

Oct 9
-> daytime: Ritual Transcendence  with Origin Frequency (Tel Aviv)
location: tba
-> nighttime: Hip Hop Sulha (Tel Aviv)
time: 10pm
cost: 50 shekels
location: Levontin 7 / לבונטין 7 – Tel Aviv-Jaffa

New dates and details will continuously be updated on www.lightofinfinite.com/events & www.erezsafar.com/events


October 3, 2023
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