“120 years ago to the day, a Jewish boy with a radically redemptive soul was born and dared to dream about a perfect world and devoted every fiber of his being ,

 every waking moment of his life,  towards making that vision and that dream come true…,” this is how Mendel Kalmenson (who will be presenting at the Light of Infinite fest), spoke of The Rebbe to a packed crowd last night at Saban Theater in LA. It was a Farbrengen, celebrating 120th birthday of The Lubavitcher Rebbe!

A few years ago Rabbi Eli Backman, the Chabad Emissary at the University of Maryland, gave me a copy of Kalmenson’s book the Positivity Bias and in it was a a letter from The Rebbe that changed my life when my mom passed away. This article in Chabad.org explains how.


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