Yermi Kurkus

Yermi Kurkus

Session TitleAchieving The Impossible

Yermi Kurkus is a Business Executive Consultant who partners with business individuals and businesses to connect them with other Exceptional people and businesses. Yermi has a MA degree in Industrial and Organizational (I/O) Psychology and is now currently working toward his doctorate in that field. With over a decade of experience in high-stress environments such as prisons, Yermi has developed tools that help engage talent to perform at their optimal levels as well as assist leaders avoid burnout and create an environment that is meaningful and fulfilling. Aside from creating these systems and Exceptionally Irresistible cultures, Yermi has also facilitated over $1B of business deals with a vetting system that connects exceptional people to do these exceptional business deals.

Session Title: Achieving The Impossible

How many times have we heard “oh that’s impossible” or “That will never work”?

Whether it has been external or internal voices – either others telling us or we tell ourselves.

All too often many entrepreneurs give up on big dreams, goals, and ambitions either because of some form of limiting belief, fear, or what others have led them to believe.

In this talk, you will hear a story of how Yermi has been told “it’s impossible” how Yermi has overcome, and how by applying 10 principles to whatever endeavor you are involved with – you can succeed – beyond your wildest imagination.

Are you ready to get that “impossible dream”?


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