Yakov Eliezer

Yakov Eliezer

Session TitleG-D, will you split the sea for me?

Session Title: G-D, will you split the sea for me?

As a couple that’s been married nearly eight years (thank you G-D), we’ve picked up on some advice that has brought us closer together and more committed than ever, despite the obstacle’s marriage may present. In fact, through the advice of the Torah, prayer, and the guidance of righteous leaders of past and present tense, we continually and brazenly try to turn those obstacles into catalysts for growth. As is the powerful revelation of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov.

Join us, Yakov Eliezer and Leah Sarah Chusid, as we share with you the dating secrets and extraordinary divine providence that brought two lost souls from across the world (literally) together. As well as the emotional, mental, and spiritual weapons that currently help us grow and take advantage of the “falls”, one blessed day at a time. Because in the end, the lower you fall, the higher you rise.

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