Shana Neril

Shana Neril

Session TitleUnleashing Your Power To Change Habits

Shana has been guiding individuals over the past two decades as a naturopath, nutritional consultant, emotional clearing facilitator, somatic therapist, spiritual mentor, and yoga and meditation teacher. Drawing on wisdom from a variety of schools of thought including naturopathy, neuroscience, and mind-body healing modalities, Shana’s unique approach empowers her clients with the tools and knowledge to actualize radiant health of body, mind, and soul. She teaches on many topics including eating for vibrant health, mind body healing, spiritual weight loss, rewiring habits, and regenerative detoxification as well as sees clients online and from her Jerusalem clinic.

Session Title: Unleashing Your Power To Change Habits

Shana will explore the root issues behind our stubborn habits and teach powerful mind body healing techniques that help a person tap into their power and establish new soul aligned habits that last.
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