Refaela Tempel

Refaela Tempel

Session TitleSelf-regulation through connection and healing

Refaela Tempel is a Brazilian living in Israel. She is a therapist, and energy healer, specializing in advanced pendulum analysis and crystal healing, while studying Chinese medicine. Tempel leads guided meditations and classes on Jewish spirituality.

Session Title: Self-regulation through connection and healing
Trauma and our pain can be transcended by meeting Hashem in the present moment.
When we are true to ourselves we find our pains, our fears, meanwhile, our connection with Hashem can bring us the courage and truth that is lacking in the world. Tempel offers guidance and tips that she’s learned along her spiritual and professional journey as an energy healer and kiruv teacher. She spends her time healing others and trusts that all healing energy can come from hitbodedut (the act of self-isolation and openness with Hashem with intimacy and spontaneity) and being true. Tempel will teach festival participants self-regulation tips that she’s found in Jewish mystique and in the simplicity of everyday life. Come and open the portals of abundance, pain, inner refuge and divine love.


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