Lauren Miryam Rochel Mades

Lauren Miryam Rochel Mades

Session TitleHow To Let G-d Back In: The Work of Rest

Transcending the duality of the human and the being, remembering the oneness, and what a gift it is to be here now. I am just here to remind you of who you already are.

Session Title: How To Let G-d Back In: The Work of Rest

How often do we find ourselves overworked, exhausted, just trying to catch a breath of air to ‘get through’ the rest of the day? What if I told you the real avodah, or ‘work,’ for you is actually to rest?

What happens when you let go? Of who you think you are, of what you think you are meant to do, even of what you have to do next to ‘heal yourself’ or ‘manifest’ your dreams. What if G-d has something more for you? And what if I told you less, is more…

In this class we will learn the infinite power of Rest, how it is built into the DNA of existence and how to tap into it to remember who you truly are.

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