Kayla Rosen

Kayla Rosen

Session TitleServing God Selflessly: Where Do I Fit In?

Kayla Rosen is a passionate teacher and group facilitator of embodied Torah. She brings a holistic & therapeutic approach when teaching, and believes that Jewish spirituality creates a framework for our own personal healing. With a background as both a social worker and yoga teacher, her work brings Torah wisdom down to earth in a relatable and personable way.


Session Title: Serving God Selflessly: Where Do I Fit In?

The concept of Bitul, or self-nullification definitely feels complex for many of us. We are taught of the profound importance of holy selflessness, and yet, it often feels antithetical to the modern & mainstream healing processes we find today focused on “me”. In a society centered around the question “who am I?”, where does Torah’s experience of Bitul come in?
How can we understand Bitul as a compassionate force in our own healing, rather than a destruction of the self?

And reciprocally, how does our own healing process become key in the ultimate experience of Bitul?
Together we will end with a short embodied meditation.🌻
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