Israel B Bitton

Israel B Bitton

Session TitleDecoding the Antisemitism Virus

Israel B. Bitton is executive director of Americans Against Antisemitism, a nonprofit that counters social hatred through data, media, and education. He holds an undergraduate degree from SUNY in the history of philosophy and a Masters of Liberal Arts from Johns Hopkins University. Bitton’s inaugural book was a work of nonfiction: Who Will Remember You? A Philosophical Study and Theory of Memory and Will (Rowman & Littlefield 2021). It was followed by A Brief and Visual History of Antisemitism (Gefen 2022), a multi-media educational textbook. Bitton is also the author of several studies on anti-Jewish hate crimes, including “Chosen for Hate (and Love): A Qualitative, Explanatory Analysis of NYPD Hate Crime Data” (ISGAP).

Session Title: Decoding the Antisemitism Virus
Antisemitism is know as the “longest hatred.” In this session, we’ll analyze the history of antisemitism to illuminate the pathology, virology and epidemiology of this hateful virus that continues to plague our world with no end in sight. In so doing, participants will gain a more nuanced understanding of antisemitism and learn about mitigation strategies.


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